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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sweet Earth by Coty c1972

From 1972-1976, Coty released its Sweet Earth line of perfume essences, soft mists, candles and colognes, but most importantly its solid perfume compacts. The solid perfume compacts came in single scents or trios based on a theme. Each compact had a sticker with a brief description of the scent enclosed which was attached inside the lid. At the time, several different solid perfume compacts were released.

The Compacts:

From a 1972 advertisement:
"SWEET EARTH NATURAL CREAM PERFUMES Fresh from the meadows and the green green hills. Precious natural essences that smooth on blend together, blossom to rare beauty on your skin. Slim compact slips into jeans or purse. Three collections each with three fragrances: Wood, Flower or Herb. $2.75 each"

Harper's Bazaar, 1972:
"Coty's Sweet Earth Fragrance Compacts are natural notes, too, floral, herbal or woodsy — each compact holds solid pats of creme scent.."

Cue, 1972:
"Coty took nine fragrances in solid cream form, divided by three, and they offer you a trio of adventure in a compact. Wear them alone, or try mixing the Sweet Earth herb with flower and/or woodsy fragrances. At just $2.75 a compact."

Boardroom Reports, 1976:
"With the young generation feeling that Mother Earth is in serious trouble, Coty's Sweet Earth Fragrances took the market by storm. They feature flowers, woods and herb derivatives."

1972, the Flowers, Herbs and Woods compacts were released:

The Flowers compact held: Hyacinth, Honeysuckle, Ylang Ylang:
  • Ylang Ylang, soft and delicate, this fresh, sweet floral fragrance is a potent aid to romance. 
  • Honeysuckle, sweet, smooth, and clean, this floral scent lingers in a deceptively powerful way. 
  • Hyacinth, this mild floral fragrance offers the clean, slightly sweet-mossy scent of spring. 
The Woods compact held: Amberwood, Patchouli, Sandalwood:
  • Sandalwood, stirring, sultry incense-perfume. From the heartwood of the great sandalwood forests of India. 
  • Amberwood, clear and mellow, gently pungent. Found in nature as resin, gathered from the back of the balsam tree. 
  • Patchouli, distinctively... intensely woody. Its aromatic leaves have a fragrance-history centuries old 
The other Woods compact held: Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood:
  • Amber, clear and mellow, gently pungent. Found in nature as resin, gathered from the back of the balsam tree. 
  • Sandalwood, stirring, sultry incense-perfume. From the heartwood of the great sandalwood forests of India. 
  • Patchouli, distinctively... intensely woody. Its aromatic leaves have a fragrance-history centuries old 

The Herbs compact held: Chamomile, Sage, Caraway:
  • Chamomile, fresh and clean, a daisy-like herb. It once was used to brew a pleasant fragrant tea. 
  • Sage, flowery, yet earthy, clary sage-related to the cooking herb-is native to the Mediterranean coasts. 
  • Caraway, rich and spicy, oils extracted from the familiar caraway seed are deliciously fragrant. 

In 1973, the Rare Flowers and Grasses compacts came out:

The Rare Flowers compact held: Tuberose, Jasmine, Mimosa:
  • Tuberose, a rich, heady. This Mediterranean Spring bloom is called "Mistress of the Night" for its fragrance intensifies at twilight. 
  • Jasmine, a fresh, delicious, the legendary "lover's flower" blooms promptly at summer sunrise by the Mediterranean, in Egypt and Africa. 
  • Mimosa, Honeyed, clinging. The tall, pink and white blossomed tree is deeply loved in France, where it grows along the rocky coast 

The Grasses compact held: Clover, Gingergrass, Hay:
  • Clover, a wild growing plant, with a sweet, refreshing scent, like that of an early summer breeze. 
  • Gingergrass, often considered mood uplifting, this herb has a sharp, green scent with pepper and lemon undertones. 
  • Hay, a sweet, light, golden and warm scent reminiscent of a late summer's day. 

In 1975, Coty released their bi-centennial inspired fragrance compacts titled Colonial Wild Flowers & Colonial Garden Flowers. Sometimes the legends for each flower were different.

The Colonial Garden Flowers compact held these scents: Peony, Verbena, Lavender:
  • Peony, carefully brought to America as cuttings from English gardens. 
  • Verbena, hung in sitting rooms to sweeten the air for visitors. 
  • Lavender, a favorite sweet aromatic for sachets 
The other Colonial Garden Flowers compact also held these scents: Peony, Verbena, Lavender:
  • Peony, flowers that blush
  • Verbena, delightful aura of lemon
  • Lavender, treasured by colonists

The Colonial Wild Flowers compact held these: Wild Rose, Columbine, Lilac.
  • Wild Rose, which the settlers brought wild from the fields into their gardens. 
  • Columbine, the blue, purple and white flower of the Rocky Mountains. 
  • Lilac, imported by the colonists who missed its romantic aroma. 

The other Colonial Wild Flowers compact also held these: Wild Rose, Columbine, Lilac.
  • Wild Rose, forever feminine, a symbol of love and beauty, native wild roses are the forefathers of the American Beauty Rose. 
  • Columbine, delicate flowers forming the shape of dainty doves, growing wild from the Blue Mountains of Virginia to the Colorado Rockies
  • Lilac, highly fragrant flowers with blue-violet blossoms reminiscent of old-fashioned New England summers. 

Good Housekeeping, 1976:
"Sweet Earth brings you the fragrances of the fields and gardens of America in 1776. Enjoy the single-note essence in Coty's Sweet Earth Colonial Garden compact."

In 1976, The Wild Mountain Fragrances compact was introduced:

The Wild Mountain compact held: Mountainledge Flowers, Alpine Breezes, Sunwarmed Woods
  • Mountainledge Flowers, delicate subtle bouquet of the rarest, precious flowers that give their sweetness to the mountain air. 
  • Alpine Breezes, fresh, clean, exciting air of scented mountain meadows and far-off shining peaks. 
  • Sun-Warmed Woods, sensuous, earthy blend of forest, and hidden mosses. Rich, intensely aromatic! 

Another Mountain type compact held: Heather-On-The-Hill, Juniper and two other fragrances.

Coty also released single scent compacts as well: 

  • Clover
  • Hay
  • Honeysuckle
  • Jasmine
  • Mimosa
  • Patchouli
  • Ylang Ylang

I thought Coty also had a seasonal compact but I was wrong, it was made by Love's and this special Seasonal solid perfume set was launched in 1973 and called The Ancient Aromatics compact which held: Frankincense, Myrrh, Mistletoe. The Love's compact was round in shape. Frankincense was described as "spicy", Myrrh as a "pungent scent from the far east", and Mistletoe as "an evergreen fragrance."

Other Perfumes:

The Sweet Earth line included concentrated colognes that come out in 1974, called Soft Mists, and Perfume Essences/Oils. These fragrances came in spray bottles and splash bottles.

Popular fragrances are:
  • Alpine Breezes
  • Amberwood
  • Caraway
  • Chamomile
  • Clover
  • Columbine
  • Gingergrass
  • Hay
  • Honeysuckle
  • Hyacinth
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Mimosa
  • Mountain Greenery
  • Mountainledge Flowers
  • Patchouli
  • Peony
  • Sage
  • Sandalwood
  • Sun-Warmed Woods
  • Tuberose
  • Verbena
  • Wild Rose
  • Ylang Ylang

Mademoiselle, 1975:
"Soft-Mist. The softest version of the Sweet Earth fragrances. A gentle, long- lasting, fresh spray of nature. $2.95."

Sweet Earth Fragrance Sticks:

In 1976, you could get the 0.45 oz Sweet Earth Fragrance Sticks, roll on cologne sticks in Honeysuckle, Patchouli and Hyacinth for $2.50 each. These were sold into 1977.

Good Housekeeping, 1977:
"Fragrances by Coty include Sweet Earth (in fragrance sticks— .45 fluid ounces of roll-on cologne)."

Coty's Sweet Earth Perfume line was discontinued by 1980.

Sweet Earth Candles and Pomanders:

Also you can find Coty's Sweet Earth Country Road Collection Colognes in the ceramic jugs and metal jugs.

Popular scents in the Country Road Cologne Collection:

  • Country Lilac
  • Honeysuckle
  • Mountainledge Flowers
  • Wild Flowers

Bonus gifts that were sold with the perfumes included candles and pomanders. The innovative pomanders came out in 1980 and were made of earthenware especially for the Sweet Earth line. Each piece had a hole in the base in which you could fill with fragranced chips of your favorite perfume. The chips are actual rocks that were saturated with perfume oil to provide long lasting fragrance pleasure. Popular pomanders are the mushroom and the Fragrant Frog. Other pomanders were geared towards kids in shapes of clowns, puppies, bears and kittens.

Candle holders took the shape of fanciful creatures like unicorns, loving hearts, wise owls, turtles, Christmas trees and peaceful doves, these types of candle holders were called the Candle Charms in 1980.

The Sweet Earth Country Air candles were housed in crockery and were made of wax chips. You could also purchase the Sweet Earth Candle Kit in 1974, a long burning fragrance candle that you could make using wax chips and was available in six Coty Sweet Earth fragrances, in a glass "flower pot" shaped holder. By 1975 the Colonial Garden candle kits could be bought in Peony, Verbena and Lavender scents.

McCall's, 1985:
"Sweet Earth Crockery Candles — five glazed jars, three scents. Coty; at department and chain stores; $7.95."

Coty's Sweet Earth home fragrance products seem to be discontinued by 1988.

Gift Sets:

Gift sets for Sweet Earth were produced. A very interesting set was the Sweet Earth Garden Collection, which included a miniature trowel, rake, spade, flower pot, 2 soft colognes (1 ounce each) all in a rattan basket. This set retailed for $6.50 at larger JC Penney stores in 1975.

Sweet Earth Skincare:

Two other obscure items from the Sweet Earth line that you may remember are the Sweet Earth Suds, Sweet Earth Blotter Plus, Spot Dabber, and Sweet Earth Mud from 1976. The Sweet Earth Suds was a very gentle facial soap cleanser with pumice as an exfoliant, it was perfect for sensitive and oily skin types.The Mud was a facial mineral mud mask and the blotter plus was a liquid astringent. Then in 1977, Coty introduced the Sweet Earth Mask-Arades, two grape based foam on facial masks, in Burgundy Fluff to cleanse and refresh and Champagne Fluff to leave dry skin glowing. Coty's Sweet Earth Facial Care Line was discontinued by 1986.

Mademoiselle, 1977:
"BEAUTY BEAT What you do is invest $2.95 in one of these neat little wands by Coty: the Sweet Earth Dabber Antiseptic Blemish Lotion. You might say it's Johnny on the spot when it comes to problem skin. Lightweight, unbreakable, it slips easily into a handbag to carry along everywhere, dab on anywhere (but please, not in public)"

Redbook, 1986:
"Coty Sweet Earth Oil Free Moisturizer with Aloe is ....During the day: When necessary, may use astringent- saturated pad on oily areas only. Consider Allercreme Astringent for Oily Skin. In addition, may use a light moisturizer on dry areas."

The Vermont Country store carries new versions by Coty of the Sweet Earth compacts.


  1. Thanks for this fragrant meander down memory lane! A Coty compact from long ago inspired me to launch my own natural perfume line. I was struck by a memory of my mother's antique dresser when I was a child. I remember peeking into the top drawer and finding a slim compact of scented waxes. They weren't the acrid spritzes I knew as "perfume." Rather, they evoked rich, resinous aromas of forests, fields, and faraway places. Loved them! I'm now compelled to reinvent these solids (which, sadly, contained synthetic chemical ingredients) with truly natural essences. Visit my virtual studio at http://driftperfume.com :)

    1. Please let me know if you can reproduce the solid trio of sage, chamomile & carroway. I still find myself looking for it to use again. My all time favorite fragrance, usable anywhere, any time.
      -Gayle Benson

    2. Please let me know if you redevelop the solid herbal trio blend of sage, carroway & chamomile. I still find myself looking to replace my long ago compact of these portable fragrances. Still my favorite, always able to fit a time and place.

    3. Hello,
      I am unable to locate your website - have you discontinued?

  2. I had the sandalwood single scent compact. Would buy again if could find. I still have my Coty Sandalwood compact. It was only sandalwood not the 3 woods. I long to have another coty sandalwood compact. It still is awesome although slightly weaker. That compact so well made. If I had known it would no longer be available I would have bought 5. Please coty bring back the sandalwood compact.

  3. I had the compact with the 3 florals and loved it! I would love to have floral, woods or herbs. Hoping they will come back one day!

  4. Over the decades of years, and perfumes I've worn, I always am on the look out for the Coty compact of grasses - clover, ginger grass and hay.
    I loved it! Only one Chemist in my hometown of Bathurst NSW sold it!

    This afternoon I find myself , after 6 days at work as a florist, looking for the fragrances again and have come upon this site!! So yes I'm getting on board to say PLEASE BRING THESE FRAGRANCES BACK!!

    The 70's offered us the best of everything - thank you Coty for being a huge and important part of my life back then!

  5. Over the many decades, and many perfumes I've tried, my memory and longing for Cotys compact of grasses - clover, lemongrass and hay keep haunting me.
    I find myself sitting here on a Saturday afternoon after 6 days of working in my florist shop googling my favourite scent again.
    So happy to find this site and be more informed about all the other Coty fragrances and how unique and inspirational the whole concept was!
    The 1970's was truly the best era - we were given the best by the best.....so yes I'm getting on board to say PLEASE BRING THES FRAGRANCES BACK!!!

  6. Loved the Coty Sweet Earths - all of them, especially the woods, flowers and grasses! PLEASE, PLEASE bring them back Coty - I'm sure you do not realise how many sales you would have, if these were reintroduced. I would buy them all for a start, and I'm sure plenty of others would as well! Yes, this is a begging letter x
    While you are at it, how about an all time classic "Wild Musk Oil"? I would kill for this ;0)