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Friday, June 6, 2014

Le Vertige by Coty c1906

Le Vertige by Coty: launched in 1906. Created by Coty's chief perfumer Vincent Roubert.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It was an aldehydic fresh floral perfume for women with a strong geranium note layered over a warm, woody oriental base.
  • Top notes: aldehydes, lemon, geranium
  • Middle notes: rose, lily of the valley, orris, frankincense
  • Base notes: vanilla, amber, cedar, oakmoss, musk, vetiver, sandalwood

Originally a dry, woody oriental perfume, the fragrance was reformulated in 1928 to include sparkling aldehydes in the composition.

Philippine Magazine,1928:
"Of Coty's world-famed odeurs, three are pictured. La Fougeraie au Crepuscule expresses the dark, cool mystery of ferns at twilight. In a crystal column, A'Suma interprets the romantic splendor of the South Seas. Le Vertige, just created, offers an opportunity for giving a new gift of true aristocratic distinction."

Perfumery and Essential Oil Record, Volume 28, 1937:
"This firm has brought out no less than thirty new lines during the winter, of which the two most recent "Vertige" and "A'Suma", are also the most noteworthy. All these lines are sold at fairly moderately priced, except for the these two."

Vogue, 1937:
"Coty's "Vertige" is as dry and heady as fine champagne. The Baccarat bottle, cut to catch the light, comes in a box lined with quilted white satin, studded with love-knots."

The East African Annual, 1941:
"Let your Christmas present, therefore, be the gift of gifts — a perfume by Coty. There is a Coty creation to answer every mood and motif — a perfected perfume for every feminine type. " Paris " for gaiety and vivacity, " Le Vertige " to add mystery to charms, Chypre for glamour - not forgetting L'Origan and L'Aimant. And each is so beautifully packed,  so excessively acceptable."


In the 1930s, le Vertige was offered in four sizes and prices:

  • No. 703 - $35
  • No. 702 - $18.50
  • No. 701 - $10.00
  • No. 700 - $6.00

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown.

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