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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cool Spell by Coty c1964

Cool Spell by Coty: launched in 1964 and was still being sold in the early 1970s. It was a refreshing cologne splash for women and came in a huge 12 oz size to last you all summer long. Other sizes included an 8 oz refreshing body cologne splash as well as a spray version in a 1.5 oz size. A scented dusting powder was also offered.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coty Gift Sets c1939

Coty Amphora Pottery Perfume Bottles c1940

Coty "Amphora" Pottery Perfume Bottles, circa 1940. Filled with Coty's "Informal Fragrance", an eau de toilette in their most popular perfumes, in color coordinated stoneware perfume jars, created by the Zanesville Stoneware Company of Ohio. The 5.5" tall bottles closed with little metal capped corks and had hanging paper labels.

  • Red for L'Aimant
  • Blue for Paris
  • Green for Emeraude and Chypre. 
  • Bronzy Brown for L'Origan and Styx

They sold for $2.50 each.

The paper label reads:
"COTY - NEW YORK PARIS - informal fragrance -
Use this lovely eau de toilette as lavishly as you choose. A generous sprinkle after your bath, a dash in your hand basin, in your final shampoo rinse, on your lingerie or handkerchief. Impart a touch of fragrance to your accessories or your furs. Take it with you to freshen up while traveling."

Muguet de Bois by Coty c1913

Muguet de Bois by Coty: launched in 1913 and created by Francois Coty and Henri Robert. I did find reference to Muguet des Bois by Coty in a 1919 price list in the Druggist's Circular and again in 1925 and 1934.

Accomplice by Coty c1954

?, also known as Question Mark by Coty was launched in 1954.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Coty Obelisque Perfume Bottle c1930

Coty Obelisque Perfume Bottle c1930 held the following perfumes:

  • Emeraude
  • L'Aimant
  • L'Origan
  • La Jacee
  • Paris
  • Chypre

Coty Gift Ensembles c1930

The Coty Ensembles were available in the following scents:
La Jacee

Coty Ensembles included perfume, lipstick and compact, any one of which may be purchased singly in a colored shark-skin case.

Coty 1939 Advertisement Featuring Perfume Sets

Paris set with Perfume, Toilet Water, Lipstick, Compact and Airspun Face Powder. $6.75

L'Aimant set with Face powder, talc, lipstick, perfume, compact, toilet water and sachet?. $12.85

Paris set includes perfume, toilet water, airspun powder and Talc. $5.00

Paris set includes perfume, toilet water, airspun powder, compact, lipstick, talc and an unknown item in the back. $9.75

Emeraude set includes toilet water, perfume, airspun powder and compact. $4.50

Emeraude set included talc, toilet water, perfume, compact, airspun powder and some unknown piece a sachet maybe?. $8.75

Coty Christmas Gifts for 1953 Ad

Coty Christmas Gifts for 1953 Ad

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Iris by Coty c1913

Iris by Coty was launched in 1913.

Moia by Coty c1922

Moia by Coty was launched around 1922. Created by Fran├žois Coty. I can find no references to it, it probably was not successful. I did see it was still being sold in 1929.

So what does it smell like? Moia probably refers to Moia Wood, also known as the Cherimoya, small tropical American tree bearing round, heart shaped or oblong fruit. The blooms have a distinct vanilla scent.

Heliotrope by Coty c1910

Heliotrope by Coty was launched in 1910.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lotion Coty

In 1932, America was introduced to Coty's hair lotions, these were already known in Europe, where they had already had a great success since 1920.

Printer's Ink, 1932:
"The product, a hair lotion, is new to the Coty line in the United States. It centers around promotion of a beauty salon service that has long term practiced in France. There, when a woman has her hair dressed, she usually has her hair perfumed."

The New Yorker, 1933:
"Well-known to smart heads that have been coiffed on the Continent, Lotion Coty for the Hair is currently available in your favorite scent: Paris, L'Origan, Lavande, Emeraude, Muguet, Chypre, Styx, L'Aimant, La Rose Jacqueminot, Lilas Pourpre, Violette Pourpre, Eau de Coty, L'Or, Ambre Antique."

c1930 Lotion in Eau de Coty scent, photo from a French perfume miniature website.

c1920s Lotion in Chypre scent, photo by ebay seller petrpavek1

c1930, photos by Richard Doubles

c1930, photo from ebay 

Le Nouveau Gardenia by Coty c1936

Le Nouveau Gardenia by Coty was launched in 1936.

Informal Fragrance by Coty c1939

Coty's Informal Fragrance was launched in 1939, it was simply another word for their Eau de Toilette which could be found in their most popular scents.

Four Seasons by Coty c1940

Four Seasons by Coty was launched in 1940, it was an eau de cologne.

Fleur Du Lac by Coty c1942

Fleur Du Lac by Coty was launched in 1942.

So what does it smell like? It was a floral bouquet fragrance over a base of vanilla.

It was a very short lived fragrance but was relaunched sometime in the 1990s.

A 1942 ad reads:
"Coty's New Romantic Perfume, Fleur Du Lac"

Shakti by Coty c1950

Shakti was a feminine fragranced deodorant powder launched in 1950.

It was a clean, subtle, cooling fragrance, "a fragrance which mysteriously blends with and enhances any other fragrance you wear."

Fairy Princess by Coty c1956

Fairy Princess by Coty was launched in 1956. It was toiletries for little girls. Sold up until around 1960.

A 1956 ad reads:
"Beauty for young girls begins at Schuster’s - Coty “Fairy Princess” Opens Door to “Grown-Up” Beauty Secrets. Fairy Princess Toiletries, specially blended by Coty for young misses. Simple to use personal grooming aids and cosmetics suited to their age and teaching younger misses important beauty habits,. Shown below are just a few of the many Fairy Princess beauty aids in our Toiletries Department - All 4 Stores.
  • Colognes with atomizer
  • Bubble bath packets
  • Dusting powder
  • Hand lotion
  • Fragrance 3pc set
  • and many other Coty “Fairy Princess” beautifiers."

A 1957 ad reads:
"COTY FAIRY PRINCESS. Cologne with Atomizer 1.25. Fairy Princes 125 Wand with ... fragrant... And it s all done with a touch of Coty's magical cosmetic wand.fairy wand by Coty. Magical gifts of glamour for the young miss. Daintily packaged by world renowned Coty. Gently fragranced for little girls. Fairy Princess"
A 1957 ad reads:
"From Coty.. Truly a Fairy Princess wand with a star and golden jingling bells on the end filled with bubble bath...astonishingly feminine they make their father gasp, the little minxes who are being flirtatious will adore Coty's Fairy Princess fripperies.."
A 1958 ad reads:
"Coty's Fairy Princess. A new magic fragrance for the fairest of all. A light delicate aura of magic for your young fairy princess to make her dream of castles. .COTY'S FAIRY PRINCESS. cologne with. atomizer 1.25. You'll feel sparkling and Light as the fairy princess herself floating on a flower petal of precious fragrance."
A lawsuit ensued in 1960 over the name Fairy Princess.

"SHAFFER v COTY INC 1960 183 F Supp 662 Ann SHAFFER Plaintiff v COTY INC a ... of an unregistered trademark Fairy Princess used in connection with plaintiff's.. This is an action for injunctive relief and damages grounded upon alleged infringement of an unregistered trademark, "Fairy Princess", used in connection with plaintiff's product on certain unusual containers designed to hold bubble bath, lotion, cologne, and the like."

Coty's Powder Pouf Shakers

Introduced in 1972 and sold until around 1976, Coty's Powder Pouf, charming basket-weave shakers with puff-tops, retailed at just $3 each, color-keyed as always in:
  • Emeraude (green)
  • L'Aimant (pink)
  • Imprevu (baby blue)
  • Muguet des Bois (aqua blue)
  • Wild Musk (off white)
  • Masumi (yellow)
  • L'Origan (orange)
These were sold individually in their own boxes or in a gift set along with cologne.

Imprevu by Coty c1965

Imprevu by Coty was launched in 1965. Imprevu means "unforseen" in French. It was created by Bernard Chant.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Coty Culturiste Creations c1930

From 1930, Coty introduces "Culturiste Creations", included the following products: Colcreme, Potonique Toning Lotion, Tissue Cream, Eau De Coty Astringent, Lotion Pour La Peau and Creme De Beaute.

“Culturiste Creations sound the new note in the world of beauty—the quicker, surer way based on supreme modern knowledge of the skin. The great truth back of them is the vitalizing principle. Cleansing and clearing the skin—strengthening muscles and livening circulation so the blood comes dancing to the cells—smoothing and refining the texture—they build or maintain a natural beauty that radiates the freshness of youth.”

Look at the shape of the bottles and the jars. I have seen these jars on ebay from time to time (usually empty).

Les Poudres de Coty

Coty produced various powders including: compact powder, face powder, sachet powder and talcum powder.

ad from 1922