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Friday, June 14, 2013

Imprevu by Coty c1965

Imprevu by Coty was launched in 1965. Imprevu means "unforseen" in French. It was created by Bernard Chant.

The new fragrance was not only making history in the business world, but also in the music world, as a song was especially written for the introduction of the perfume.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a soft, woodsy floral leathery chypre fragrance. It begins with a fresh aldehydic top, followed by an elegant floral heart, resting on a feminine, woody, balsamic base.
  • Top notes: aldehydes, violet, neroli, bitter orange, citron and bergamot
  • Middle notes: lily of the valley, orris, carnation, jasmine, ylang ylang and oriental rose
  • Base notes: Mexican vanilla, Siamese benzoin, patchouli, Mysore sandalwood, leather, oakmoss, Indian musk, ambergris, cedarwood, resins and Bourbon vetiver

A 1965 ad reads:
"Imprevu is here the first major new fragrance from Coty in. twenty-five years. The word is out, Imprevu is fabulously contemporary."

A 1965 ad reads:
"...feeling a new fragrance by Coty. Suddenly spring is an all year thing suddenly a new feeling tingles with in you. That's what Imprevu does. The most beautiful.."

A 1965 ad reads:
"Imprevu by Coty. A New Feeling. A New Fragrance. Coty introduces its first major fragrance in 25 years, Imprevu, the unforseen, the unexpected .Young, contemporary and exciting."


The parfum was housed in a hand cut crystal flacon.

The first manufacturers to adopt sniff-sampling were in the fragrance business. Coty broke the ice with an ad in McCall's via an insert for Imprevu perfume in 1967. "Scratch & Sniff", a micro-encapsulation of large amounts of microscopic fragrance capsules are coated onto paper, was developed by the 3M Co. The surface of the strip was scratched and the fragrance of the perfume was released.

Life, 1965:
"And don't overlook 'Imprevu'. The Unforeseen, the Unexpected. The latest enchantment from the world's greatest house of perfume. It's a fresh and frivolous romp of fragrance, incredibly young and beautiful.
  • Show-stopper hat box: parfum, parfum de toilette, measured mist (and refill), deluxe dusting powder, bath oil, talcum powder and creamy skin parfum, $35.00. 
  • Flacon mist with dusting powder, $4.75. 
  • Spray mist and dusting powder, $6.00. 
  • Deluxe dusting powder and measured mist to match, $9.00."

 Drug Topics Redbook, 1968:
  • Bath Oil 3 oz. (372-09)  $5.00
  • Dusting Powder 8 oz. (342-09)  $4.00 
  • Parfum 0.25 oz. (122-09)  $7.50
  • Parfum 0.5 oz. (142-09) $15.00
  • Parfum 1 oz. (162-09) $25.00

Fate of the Fragrance:

Imprevu was discontinued by 1990.

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