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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Chypre by Coty c1917

Chypre by Coty: launched in 1917.

The Times Herald, 1925:
"Chypre: Essence of the fragrant East; nightingales in a temple garden; indolent spiced winds adrift from Moghra flowers in bloom- jade gods in jewelled shrines; veils of mystery and the clash of golden anklets; the fragrance of the woman of oriental temperament, dark-eyed, dark-haired, of swift, tempestuous emotions."

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a fresh mossy aldehydic chypre fragrance for women. It begins with a fresh top note, followed by a classic floral heart, layered over a warm, mossy base.
  • Top notes: bergamot, lemon, neroli, orange, fruit note, sage
  • Middle notes: carnation, ylang ylang, gardenia, lilac, orris butter, rose, jasmine
  • Base notes: oakmoss, styrax, patchouli, Mexican vanilla, Indian musk, labdanum, Venezuelan tonka bean, vetiver, Tibetan civet, Mysore sandalwood 

Chypre Base:
  • sandalwood
  • bergamot oil
  • rose absolute
  • Fixonal
  • coriander oil
  • jasmine (synthetic)
  • patchouli oil
  • red thyme oil
  • Bourbon vetiver oil
  • labdanum resinoid
  • oakmoss absolute
  • castoreum resinoid
  • neroli synthetic
  • Iso-safrole
  • musk ambrette


Base of Eau de Toilette bottle is molded with Coty France, this bottle was made at Coty's own glassworks in France.

Fate of the Fragrance:

During World War II, importations of Le Vertige and Chypre were severely limited to the United States and Coty issued an apology to the American women. The reason given is that the company could not source the precious, high grade ingredients used in the making of the perfume due to worldwide enemy occupation. Also, "we have been entirely cut off from France ever since her complete invasion in November 1941." So rather than use poor quality substitutes to recreate the fragrances, Coty went the high road and just halted production of the scents Chypre and Le Vertige until they could once again source the proper raw materials.

In 1964 a national announcement from Coty revealed the return of Chypre (pronounced "sheep", the classic fragrance was discontinued for many years because the natural fixative, musk ox, found only in Tibet, was not available to the free world.

The Chateau Collection:

In 1986, Coty released three forgotten scents in a set called The Chateau Collection. This collection of old favorites was comprised up of La Rose Jacqueminot, Chypre and Muse which was rechristened as Les Muses. The original fragrances were brought up to date to satisfy the tastes of the 1986 woman. The full parfum concentrations were not released as they were feared to be "too heady for modern tastes" as the originals were "more full bodied and romantic in earlier days". The setting and inspiration for the collection's display and advertising is the famous Chateau D'Artigny, the former estate of Coty in France.

Chypre was available in 1 oz eau de parfum splash for $12.50 and 1.75 oz eau de toilette spray for $10.00. A gift set included a bottle of eau de parfum, and purse atomizer and a funnel to decant the edp splash into the atomizer, this set retailed for $17.50.

1986 version:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a classic contemporary chypre fragrance for women.

  • Top notes:  gardenia, tuberose
  • Middle notes:  
  • Base notes: oakmoss, sandalwood


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